Psycho Trust, Claret Nagar, Vennaimalai, Karur 639 002 TN, India:  Ensuring Child Rights in Karur District

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Area of  Operation : 250 villages in Karur Districts. Target Population : 1. Child Labourers. 2. Street Children. 3. Disabled Children. Incidences of Child Labour in the District: Textile units, Dyeing  Gem Cutting, Cotton mills Mosquito Netting, Bus Body building, Agricultural  Work

Strategies adopted in Eradication of Child Labour: Non Formal Education, Supplementary Education, Community Organisation, Sector based intervention.   Achievements: Caste barriers were broken. •Government Officials respect dalit people. •NFE classes provided functional literacy to children, which increased their income. •Dalit children are encouraged to continue their education. •Banks have started recognizing the local self-help groups. •Children from Gypsy community have started sending their children to schools. •Rescued bonded labourers. •Volunteers sustain the project.